• Is Your Hair Thinning ?

    • Noticeable hair loss
    • Hair looks thinner
    • Widening parting
    • Receding hairline
    • Thinning crown
    • Itchy scalp
    • Weak, brittle hair
    • Slow growth
  • Low Level Laser Therapy Is Clinically Proven


    • Stops hair loss
    • Stimulates hair growth
    • Increases hair density
    • Improves hair thickness and volume
    • Reduces hair shedding
    • Strengthens hair follicles
    • Improves the overall health of the scalp
    • No known side affects
  • How it works

    Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a powerful hair-revitalising treatment that works by stimulating an increase in ATP cell energy, boosting the production of nitric oxide, promoting better circulation in the scalp leading to maximum hair growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benifits of LLLT ?



No side affects

Increases hair strength

Decreases hair loss

Increase hair growth

Clinically proven technology

Better adoption of transplanted hair

How often should it be used ?

2-3 per week for 25 mins for best results.

When do you see results ?

You will notice results in the first 3 months.

Month 1 you may notice some hairloss as you reset the hair cycle but then after that you will start to notice a decrease in oily hair, reduced hair loss and stronger thicker fuller hair.

In 6 months of correct use you should see significant positive

Clinical evidence ?

Their are many studies but these are some that give a good summary of the LLLT.



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